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September 2023 – Robert Oberaigner “…first choice”

Robert Oberainger’s new recording of the clarinet quintetts by Brahms and Reger together with the Fritz Busch Quartet are celebrated in the September issue of the Gramophone Magazine as its first choice for this coupling. Congratulations!

August 2023 – Mikha√Įl Bouzine in Bolzano / Italy

Live recording from August 25, 2023 with Franz Listz’s “Mazeppa” from the Etudes d’ex√©cution transcendante at the Busoni Competition in Bolzano.

June 2023 – The Dresden Chamber Soloists with Robert Oberaigner in Lviv

On 4 June 2023, Robert Oberaigner and his colleagues from the Dresden Staatskapelle set off on a very special journey. The pictures speak for themselves.

© Robert Oberaigner (Direction and Cut)

March 2023 – Berlin Piano Duo Festival

With six concerts – including two world premieres – workshps, master classes and a children’s concert, the Shalamov piano duo¬† launched its first Berlin Piano Duo Festival. Under the artistic direction of the festival-founders Alina and Nikolay Shalamov and with generous support from the “Neustart Kultur” programme the festival-agenda led to iconic places of Berlin’s musical life such as the Elisabethkirche and the Villa Elisabeth, the Mendelssohn Remise and the Chamber Music Hall of the Philharmonie.

Impressions of the opening weekend can be found here:

Mikha√Įl Bouzine – Welcome

© Jean-Babtiste Millot

We are delighted about the newly agreed collaboration with Mikha√Įl Bouzine. The winner of the 1st prize at the 2022 Orl√©ans International Piano Competition captivates us with his irrepressible energy on stage and programmes that are intelligent, exciting and unusual in all respects.

S√©verine Garnier on 20 June 2021 for Classique mais pas have been: “It is very interesting to observe how Mikha√Įl Bouzine handles the tension in the hall…at the end of the recital, the emotions were so strong that the audience literally exploded…”

09 and 10 October 2022 – Robert Oberaigner with Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto with the Staatskapelle Dresden under Ton Koopmann.

A delightful collaboration between Robert Oberaigner and Ton Koopmann took place on the occasion of the second symphony concert of the Staatskapelle Dresden in the Semperoper.

Karsten Bl√ľthgen wrote about it in the S√§chsische Zeitung on 10 October: “Between the final note and the bow, his eyes grew big and shone. ‘Simply beautiful, this music, isn’t it?’ – soloist Robert Oberaigner seemed to want to say something sympathetic after his phenomenal performance of…Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto on Sunday. If Mozart’s last concerto…exudes such fluidity and perfectly shaped … – is it even possible not to like it?… With Robert Oberaigner…everything begins with the absence of allures. Nothing stands between his soul and the work to be served…. With flawless technique, Oberaigner showed… the playful Mozart. He also hit the in-between notes…He differentiated and surprised…. His clarinet sounds warm, soft, without taking the edge off contours…”

Second Symphony Concert of the Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden mit Soloist Robert Oberaigner und Conductor Ton Koopman, 09.10.2022 in the Semperoper                              © Oliver Killig

Second Symphony Concert of the Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden mit Soloist Robert Oberaigner und Conductor Ton Koopman, 09.10.2022 in the Semperoper                              © Oliver Killig

22 May 2022 – The Schwanthaler Trumpet Consort at the zamus: early music festival in Cologne

The Schwanthaler Trumpet Consort played a radiant, brilliantly warm start to the marathon of the zamus: early music festival in the Balloni Halls in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Once again it became clear that the trumpet can shine not only as a solo instrument but also in an ensemble. When various trumpets are presented that are rarely heard – such as the keyed trumpet, for which Haydn wrote his famous trumpet concerto, or the early slide trumpet – then a concert with the Schwanthalers becomes an event. And the famous comparison once made to the sound of the Staatskapelle Dresden can be applied to the Schwanthaler Trompetenconsort without hesitation: “A shine like old gold.”

© Stefan Schmidt

March 2022 – Robert Oberaigner with Bernhard Crusell’s second Clarinet Concerto at the Elbland-Philharmony Saxonia

Bernhard Crusell is not one of the composers who are often performed – one more reason for Robert Oberaigner to take up his music. The result was three wonderful concerts with the Elbland Philharmony Saxonia, in which Robert Oberaigner was able to present Bernhard Crusell’s second Clarinet Concerto in F minor, Op. 5, under the direction of Ekkehard Klemm.

Wolfram Quellmalz wrote about this in the Dresdner Neuesten Nachrichten on 5 March: “… Oberaigner’s technique and expressiveness are astonishing anyway. With Bernhard Hendrik Crusell’s Clarinet Concerto No. 2 op. 5 he led the audience into hardly known realms… Besides the eloquent clarinet, it reveals and demands an accomplished virtuoso and vocal qualities. Of these the soloist had plenty – the nimblest runs rang out cleanly without any blurring or slipping…, plus he has a beguiling piano…”

February 2022 – Bruno Weil and the piano duo Shalamov at the Oldenburg State Orchestra

Carl Czerny is¬†mainly known as “nuisance” for piano-technique to generations of piano-students. In the 5th concert of the Oldenburg State-Orchestra’s season, Alina and Nikolay Shalamov are giving proof, that Czerny next to his viruosity has a musical side, too. ¬†They played his concerto in C-major, op. 153 for¬†four-handed piano under the baton of Bruno Weil in a program including works of Joseph Martin Kraus, Joseph Haydn and Johannes Brahms.

On February 8th, 2022 Horst Hollmann commented in the Nordwest Zeitung: “…He (Bruno Weil) brings the orchestra to a floating singing in the Andante, energetic interventions in the Menuett and roguish spots in the Final… Weil leads and animates with short but clearly demanding movements ¬†and spreads a motivating aura. After a long¬†career he obviously still lets himself take away by a well prepared moment…”

The North German Radio (NDR) has recorded the concert including short interviews with both, Bruno Weil as well as Alina und Nikolay Shalamov. The recording can be found here.

July 2021 – Alina und Nikolay Shalamov at the Burghof-Festival in Wiesbaden

On July 21st, Alina and Nikolay Shalamov performed a great concert within the Burghof-Festival in Wiesbaden.

On July 23rd, Manuel Wenda who listened to the concert commented in the “Wiesbadener Kurier”:¬†“…It only can demand complete admiration how precise Alina and Nikolay Shalamov are¬†atuned to one another – there are many excellent pianoduos but there is always a special aura that imbues the Shalamov’s performances – an aura that can rarely be¬†experienced…”

May 2021 – The Shalamov Pianoduo with Gubaidulina at the Elbphilharmonie

After Alina and Nikolay Shalamov’s debut at the Elbphilharmonie in December 2020 was cancelled due to the well known reasons both have produced a video of the program’s key-piece, Sofia Gubaidulina’s “Variations on a theme S-H-E-A. The video can be reached in the Elbphilharmonie’s media library under The video was published within the program of the “International Musikfest Hamburg digital” as well as the “Classic Futures Europe-Project”. We hope to soon realize this particular program live in front of an audience.

©Philipp Seliger for Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

CARNIVAL 2021 ‚Äď Shalamov Pianoduo

Alina und Nikolay Shalamov play their debut at the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra with The Carnival of the Animals which is still funny after Mardi Gras.¬†Malte Arkona, well known from the German Television’s program for children “Tigerentenclub” has made up a new story around the music, the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra plays the music and Alina and Nikolay are in the thick of it.

© Marian Lenhard for the Bamberg Symphony

New Year’s Eve 2020 – Shalamov Pianoduo

Traditions are not thrown overboard ‚Äď even in times of a pandemic, and certainly not when there is a great alternative to the original plan. The Gewandhausorchester in Leipzig also thought so and commissioned the Shalamov pianoduo to record Beethoven’s 9th Symphony instead of solos, choir and orchestra in the arrangement for two pianos by Franz Liszt in the large Hall of the Gewandhaus. Both are supported by the principal timpanist of the Gewandhausorchester Tom Greenleaves who plays Beethoven’s timpani part.

Enjoy the whole symphony here!

May 2020 – Robert Oberaigner

Mark Pullinger, one of England’s important critics, intensively devoted himself to Brahms’s clarinet sonatas and distilled his favorites out of the 50 existing recordings for Gramophone UK. In the end Robert Oberaigner came in under the final three joining ¬†Lorenzo Coppola (on period instruments) and ¬†Michael Collins.

Mark Pullinger’s final comment: “…Oberaigner and Sch√∂ch, a really satisfying recent recording and a true discovery in this Brahms immersion.”


You will find the whole article in the May issue of Gramophone UK.

April / May 2020 – Art in times of the CORONA-Shutdown

In these uncommon days Simone Fontanelli and Robert Oberaigner offer art from their homes. Together – linked via streaming-techiques normally used by YouTubers – they present the stories of PINOCCHIO. Simone Fontanelli reads out of Carlo Collodi’s book from his home near Milano, Robert Oberaigner plays Fontanelli’s Pinocchio-Music “C’era una volta un pezzo di legno…” (“Once upon a time there was a piece of wood…”) from Dresden.

All four to seven days a new chapter will be online – enjoy!

March 30, 2020 – 1

To continue!

March 13, 2020 – Robert Oberaigner

Robert Oberaigner has recorded the works for Clarinet of the longtime forgotten Jewish-Polish composer Mieczyslaw Weinberg for the NAXOS Label. Together with the Dresden Chamber Soloists under the baton of Michail Jurowski – a personal friend of Weinberg – Robert Oberaigner sets a thrilling statement for this composer who still has to be recovered.

listen online!

February 28, 2020 – Compagnia di Punto

The new CD (Deutsche Harmonia Mundi) of the Compagnia di Punto with recordings of the Symphonies Nos. 1, 2 and 3 by Ludwig van Beethoven in arrangements for chamber ensembles is out. Under the following links you can listen to three Radio-Reviews (in German):

NDR Kultur – CD der Woche
WDR Tonart
DLF Spielweisen

Further information to the “Beethoven-Project” of the Compagnia di Punto and the accompanying concert ¬†programs wich you can book for the 20/21/22 seasons you will find over the menu of the page “Compagnia di Punto” or under “Projects”.

January 28, 2020 – Bruno Weil

By the end of January, Bruno Weil returned to the Semperoper Dresden where he and the Staatskapelle Dresden succeeded with a beatific perfomance of the symphonies Nos. 46 in B-major and 103 in E-flat-major by Joseph Haydn. Between the two symphonies Florian Richter, the new principal viola of the Staatskapelle played the Viola concerto by Carl Stamitz. Congratulations!

©Matthias Creutziger
2nd Auff√ľhrungsabend of the Staatskapelle Dresden January 28, 2020

©Matthias Creutziger
2nd Auff√ľhrungsabend of the Staatskapelle Dresden January 28, 2020

©Matthias Creutziger
2nd Auff√ľhrungsabend of the Staatskapelle Dresden January 28, 2020

January 2020 –¬†Welcome!

Compagnia di Punto

The Compagnia di Punto enriches the Beethoven-Year with arrangements for chamber ensembles of the first three symphonies of the great symphonist. Under the headline¬†“Himmelsbeben”¬†(Heaven’s Quake) or under the Link “Projects > Beethoven Project” you will find the entire program.

As a warm up you can listen to the first audio samples under the link “Sound clips” on the Compagnia di Punto site.

Klavierduo Shalamov

“… Eine besondere Aura geht von ihren Interpretationen aus….So zeigten die Shalamovs, wie sehr das Klavier ein Instrument der Imagination ist…”

Manuela Wanda am 10. August 2019 im Wiesbadener Tagblatt

© Roman Drits

Die neue Homepage von Alina und Nikolay Shalamov mit Links zu ihren Socialmedia-Kan√§len Facebook und Instagram ist online!¬†Au√üerdem hier der Hinweis auf vier Live-Videomitschnitte eines Konzertes des Klavierduos vom 6. Juni 2018 im Berliner Konzerthaus, die ab sofort online sind – verbunden mit dem Dank an die phantastische Unterst√ľtzung durch die Firma Bechstein!

This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.

Leonard Bernstein

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